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Fantasy of Frost – Kelly St. Clare

Kedrick’s back. He arrived back yesterday and, before leaving the middle ring tonight, I had given him our secret gesture. I hoped it hadn’t been too subtle for him. Sometimes I forgot he was unused to the discreet ways of my world. I weave my way around the layers of semi-circle tables where the court […]

Fantasy of Flight – Kelly St. Clare

“Lock it up, boys!” a voice shouts from the end of the hall. The noise interrupts the steady snores from the room next to mine. There is a wall there, but you’d never know. The culprit resumes their rhythmic wheezing. It will continue through the night – my constant companion for the last month. The […]

Fantasy of Fire – Kelly St. Clare

An army is halfway to Glacium. And not just any army—it belongs to my mother. The only reason Mother’s army hasn’t been able to slaughter hundreds of Bruma in their sleep is because it takes a month to travel from Osolis to Glacium by foot. Even with this distance, Mother still may have been successful, […]

Black Crown – Kelly St. Clare

I just needed a few more minutes to get this perfect. Taking a deep breath, I splayed my hands on the moist and squishy surface. The distinct smell billowed around me, and I grinned with anticipated triumph. “Miss Ryn, are you in here?” The muffled voice broke my concentration, and I clenched my jaw. Couldn’t […]

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