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Truth Be Told – Kendra Elliot

As rain pounded on her police hat, Stevie Duncan swallowed hard at the sight of blood and brains splattered across the inside of the SUV’s cracked windshield. The two victims slumped in the front seats, held in place by their seat belts, bullet entry wounds in the backs of their heads. The fronts of their […]

The Silence – Kendra Elliot

Detective Mason Callahan stared at the severed fingers on the bathroom linoleum. “What’s the point of trying to hide the corpse’s identity if he’s left in his own house?” Detective Ray Lusco muttered. The burly Oregon State Police detective had been silent for nearly thirty seconds as he took in the scene. A record. A […]

Spiraled – Kendra Elliot

Blood exploded out of Misty’s thigh and splattered across Ava’s legs. A fraction of a second later, Ava heard the shots. She yanked Misty down to the concrete floor of the mall, assisted by the teenager’s near collapse. Her screams didn’t block the blasts of more rifle fire. Ava scanned for the shooter as people […]

The Last Sister – Kendra Elliot

She wrapped her shaking fingers in the hem of her sweater to avoid damaging any fingerprints as she slid open the rear patio door, following the trail of blood. Outside it was dark, daybreak still a few hours away, and the air was cold with the coast’s salty mist. The smeared blood went across the […]

Close to the Bone – Kendra Elliot

“I’ve been hauling people out to Ruby’s Island all night,” Dick Jacobs told FBI Special Agent Cate Wilde. It was two in the morning, and Cate tightened the knit scarf around her neck, thankful the night was clear and there was no wind. But the speed of the small boat made the temperature feel much […]

Bred in the Bone – Kendra Elliot

“What kind of person doesn’t stop?” muttered Cate. “The kind who was too impaired to notice or too scared to face the consequences of killing a man,” answered Tessa as she watched Henry kneel beside the hit-and-run victim. FBI special agent Cate Wilde looked away from the dead man, fighting to keep her stomach calm […]

A Merciful Truth – Kendra Elliot

Police Chief Truman Daly slammed the door of his Tahoe and raised a hand to protect his face from the heat of the fire. He took a half step back, bumping into his vehicle. Flames had engulfed the old barn and were stretched high against the night’s black sky. A total loss. He’d believed he’d […]

A Merciful Silence – Kendra Elliot

There it is. Eagle’s Nest police officer Ben Cooley hit his brakes, thankful he’d been driving a cautious thirty miles an hour. He squinted, trying to see through the smears created by his windshield wipers. Ahead of his car, one-third of the road was gone, washed down the steep side of the hill. It looked […]

A Merciful Promise – Kendra Elliot

Mercy held her breath and stepped back as they dragged the bleeding man past her. The other observers cleared a path, their faces solemn, their gazes locked on the moaning man. Two of the members, rifles slung over their shoulders, gripped the man’s upper arms and pulled him toward their commander, Pete, at the front […]

A Merciful Fate – Kendra Elliot

Shep had left him behind. Ollie didn’t worry as he hiked through the woods. Even if he had no idea where Shep was, no doubt Shep knew exactly where Ollie was. The dog had bolted out of the old truck’s cab when the teenager had opened the passenger door, and then he’d dashed from tree […]

A Merciful Death – Kendra Elliot

Mercy Kilpatrick wondered whom she’d ticked off at the Portland FBI office. She stepped out of the car and walked past the two Deschutes County Sheriff SUVs to study the property around the lonely home in the wooded east-side foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Rain plunked on Mercy’s hood, and her breath hung in the […]

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