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Bewitching the Highlander – Kenna Kendrick

Snow speckled the lands as Fiona walked through the village, keeping her pace brisk while she held her hood over her crimson curls. The breeze was harsh, demanding, and whisked through her cloak, freezing her insides and making her bones brittle. She clenched her teeth to keep them from chattering before throwing open the door […]

Siren of the Highlands – Kenna Kendrick

“How’s she doin’?” Fin asked. Fin watched Col, his cousin, best friend, and the current Baron of Westmarch Hall, pace the chamber, running his hands through his hair, both fear and rage etched upon his features at the same time. He finally stopped before the large hearth and stared silently into the flames for a […]

Every Highland Sin – Kenna Kendrick

Tears streaming down her face, ten-year-old Aileas sheltered behind a row of boxes in the paddocks. She hid just where her da had told her to hide. The horses inside whickered and whinnied in their stalls, stomping at the dirt. They were growing anxious. Outside, the world was chaos. Smoke, thick and cloying, filled the […]

Legend of a Highland Lass – Kenna Kendrick

The towering inferno blazed with the vibrant intensity of a thousand suns, the flames licking the heavens as the interminable and heart-wrenching screams of those trapped inside rang out into the night. The cries of those burning in the fire reached an earpiercing and gut-churning level of excruciation, their pleas for assistance going unanswered as […]

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