Tag: Kennedy Layne

Unlocking Shadows – Kennedy Layne

HOPE. How could an individual still have such an impractical yearning after facing such a malicious, unrelenting evil? Emma Irwin still desperately grasped at the prospect that she’d be with her family soon. She’d tell them all about the things that people took for granted, such as how much she loved them. She’d apologize to […]

Deadly Premonitions – Kennedy Layne

PAİN UNLİKE ANYTHİNG she’d ever experienced before radiated throughout her body. There were no tears. She couldn’t manage a single teardrop. A deathlike chill had settled into her bones, chasing away all other bodily functions. She was paralyzed. She was unable to move, to scream…or to hide. She was at his mercy, of which he […]

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