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Devil – Ker Dukey

A shiver moves through me, causing every hair follicle to rise in awareness. My mind prowls into the dark corners where shadows hide the memories of my past. The rasp of Garret’s fingers flexing before tightening on the arm of the chair he sits in opposite me causes a stir in my stomach. His tall, […]

Pretty New Doll – Ker Dukey, K. Webster

THE TIGHTNESS OF THE SKIN on my right shoulder pulls, restricting my movements. The phantom pain humming in awareness of past wounds simmers as I bend to snap a blade of grass from the position I’ve been in for the previous four hours. Situated yards from my old home—our old home—I linger, waiting, knowing, wanting. […]

Lines Drawn – Ker Dukey

THERE’S SO MUCH BLOOD. Too much. I’ve seen this much blood before; Richard, when he was murdered in front of me at our shop. That monster cut his throat with total disregard for what he was taking from the world, and his blood soaked into me, just like now, only this time it’s different. This […]

Drawn to You – Ker Dukey

BLOOD. SO MUCH BLOOD pumping from his neck. The warmth of it sprays my face, causing vomit to burn and rise in my throat. My Mother’s screams echo through the room assaulting my ears and all I want to do is scream too, but fear steals my voice, steals my fight, steals my soul. “Are […]

Desolate – Ker Dukey

I LOOK DOWN AT THE red stains on my clothes. The soul that withered and died by my hands leaving its memory imprinted inside me was just that now; a reminiscence of a life I stole. The rush of her depleting pulse didn’t feel as therapeutic as the others, she was different but I wasn’t. […]

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