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Flameout – Keri Arthur

The throaty roar of machinery shattered the peace of the cemetery. Deep in the old trees and on the other side of the road that channeled drivers up to the mausolea, light shone. It was fierce and bright against the thick cover of night, but it oddly cast the man who stood at the very […]

Fireborn – Keri Arthur

All of us dream. Some of us even have pleasant dreams. My dreams might have been few and far between, but they were never, ever pleasant. But worse than that, they always came true. Over the course of my many lifetimes, I’d tried to interfere, to alter fate’s path and prevent the death I’d seen, […]

Ashes Reborn – Keri Arthur

I raised my face to the sky and drew in the heat of the day. It ran through me like a river, a caress filled with warmth and sympathy, as if the sun were aware of my reason for being in this clearing out in the middle of nowhere. And maybe it was. It had […]

Wicked Wings – Keri Arthur

You’re the scrawniest, most ungrateful pig of a cat I’ve ever had the goddamn misfortune to come across, you know that?” The cat in question stared at me with a look that could only be described as utter satisfaction. He was an orange tabby with a pale, fluffy mane that made him look like a […]

The Darkest Kiss – Keri Arthur

Being thrown out of a tree wasn’t my idea of fun. Granted, countless nestlings all over the world went through this every year, but they only had to do it once, and for them it was simply fly or die trying. I wasn’t a nestling, and I wasn’t built to die. Not easily, anyway. I […]

Tempting Evil – Keri Arthur

Training sucked. Especially when the main aim of that training was to make me something I’d once vowed never to become—a guardian for the Directorate of Other Races. Becoming a guardian might have been inevitable, and I might have accepted it on some levels, but that didn’t mean I had to be happy about the […]

Moon Sworn – Keri Arthur

How do you say good-bye to a friend? How do you say sorry I wasn’t there for you, that I wasn’t strong enough, that I should have shot the bastard when I ɹrst had the chance? How can you say those things when he’s no longer around to hear the words? And how can you […]

Magic Misled – Keri Arthur

Samuel Kang was the picture of classic male perfection—oval-shaped face, chiseled cheekbones, and an extremely engaging smile. His shoulders were lovely and wide, his frame lean but muscular, and he had long legs that looked damn fine in close-fitting jeans—the very first thing I’d noticed when he’d walked through our café’s door. The second thing […]

Kissing Sin – Keri Arthur

All I could smell was blood. Blood that was thick and ripe. Blood that plastered my body, itching at my skin. I stirred, groaning softly as I rolled onto my back. Other sensations began to creep through the fog encasing my mind. The chill of the stones that pressed against my spine. The gentle patter […]

Full Moon Rising – Keri Arthur

The night was quiet. Almost too quiet. Though it was after midnight, it was a Friday night, and Friday nights were usually party nights–at least for those of us who were single and not working night shift. This section of Melbourne wasn’t exactly excitement city, but it did possess a nightclub that catered to both […]

Embraced by Darkness – Keri Arthur

The only trouble with getting away from it all was actually getting away from it all. Six weeks of lazing around on secluded and luxurious Monitor Island, with nothing to do except eat, drink, and lust after the occasional hot-bod sounded like heaven itself. And it was. For the first three weeks. But now, with […]

Deadly Vows – Keri Arthur

The point of a muting spell is to actually mute your output, not amplify it.” Monty’s voice was dry, and I scowled at him. He was the resident witch for the Faelan Reservation—a position that theoretically meant he was the government’s mouthpiece and enforcer, but in reality he did little more than provide magical assistance […]

Deadly Desire – Keri Arthur

The almost ripe moon hung in the midnight sky, and the heat of it sang through my veins. Being a werewolf at this time of the month generally meant fun times, because we celebrated the moon’s bloom with a sensual week of intimacy. One that involved much loving and many different partners. Although for me, […]

Dangerous Games – Keri Arthur

I stood in the shadows and watched the dead man. The night was bitterly cold, and rain fell in a heavy, constant stream. Water sluiced down the vampire’s long causeway of a nose, leaping to the square thrust of his jaw before joining the mad rush down the front of his yellow raincoat. The puddle […]

City of Light – Keri Arthur

It was the whispering of the ghosts that woke me. I stretched the kinks out of my bones, then glanced at the old metal clock on the far wall to confirm what I instinctively knew. It was barely six p.m., so night hadn’t fallen yet. The ghosts were well used to my seminocturnal patterns, so […]

Bound to Shadows – Keri Arthur

I’ve come to accept the fact that I’m a guardian. I’ll even admit that I enjoy hunting down those rogue supernatural elements who prey on humans and non-humans alike. But that doesn’t mean there still aren’t times when I absolutely hate my job. Getting a call-out at three A.M. on a bitterly cold winter night […]

Blackbird Broken – Keri Arthur

Hell’s Gill looked like any other slot canyon. Situated in the northwest sector of the Yorkshire Dales and sharing a border with the Lake District National Park, it was a narrow five-hundred-meter-long slash in the ground, created over the centuries by the clear, cold waters that still ran at its base. Although not particularly deep, […]

Unlit – Keri Arthur

I n the still crispness of a dawn not yet risen, evil stirred. It was a whisper, a promise that rode the breeze like an Irkallan ghost, insubstantial and yet threatening. I leaned over the parapet, one gloved hand gripping the glass-smooth edge of the nearest merlon to ensure I didn’t fall. Watchtower eight was […]

Hunter Hunted – Keri Arthur

The woman sitting opposite me was plump, with merry blue eyes and purple-tinted gray hair. She was one of the café’s regular customers, and came in at least three times a week. If Belle—the café’s co-owner and my best friend—wasn’t helping her to communicate with the daughter she’d lost five years ago, I was using […]

Hell’s Bell – Keri Arthur

I woke abruptly, my heart hammering and a scream dying on my lips. For several seconds, I did nothing more than stare into the darkness of my bedroom, trying to find a reason for the fear that pounded through my veins. Though I’d rather weirdly become prone to prophetic dreams of late, it wasn’t a […]

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