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Every Little Breath – Keri Beevis

Most people think it is the disposing of a body that will get you caught. I mean, how do you ever truly make someone disappear? Unless you have access to a crematorium, it is almost impossible. A regular fire isn’t hot enough, while acid baths might work in the movies, but you have to get […]

Trust No One – Keri Beevis

My father once argued that it is safer to live in the countryside. In the big cities, he pointed out, there are dangers around every corner. People are unpredictable and the more of them you have around, the higher the risk of drugs, knife crime, burglaries, rape and murder. Move to the countryside, find a […]

D for Dead – Keri Beevis

She screamed, the sound thundering in her ears as she ran up the stairs, heart pounding, threatening to jump into her mouth. He was behind her, the clip of his boots hitting the stone steps, and she knew he was close. Don’t let him catch me. Don’t let him catch me. Into the kitchen, the […]

M for Murder – Keri Beevis

He had known from the beginning that they would come for him eventually and, in a way, he guessed he was lucky that it had taken them so long to find him. Almost eight years. Seven years, ten months and twenty-seven days, if you wanted to be exact. He knew of course, because he had […]

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