Tag: Kerri Maniscalco

Kingdom of the Wicked – Kerri Maniscalco

Outside, wind rattled the wooden chimes in warning. In the distance, waves crashed against the shore; the frantic whispers of water growing louder as if the sea was a mage summoning violence. On this date—for nearly a decade now—the storm followed the same pattern. Next, thunder would roll in quicker than the tide with lightning […]

Becoming the Dark Prince – Kerri Maniscalco

Hail drummed its fingers against the porthole in my cabin, driving me half out of my mind as I tried— and failed—to count each drop. The cursed pitter-patter was too much to keep up with. I rolled onto my side, shoving my pillow beneath my head, and stared at the raging tempest outside. The sky […]

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