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The Hunter – Kerrigan Byrne

This was nothing short of torture. Christopher Argent’s muscles shook with uncontrollable strain. Sweat mingled with the freezing rain and made infuriating trails of moisture, mirroring the sensation of small vermin crawling down his twitching flesh. He’d have given his soul to scratch them away. Teeth clenched until his jaw ached, Christopher dared not show […]

The Highwayman – Kerrigan Byrne

Blood ran down Dougan Mackenzie’s forearms as he crouched against the ancient stone wall separating the grounds of Applecross Orphanage from the wild mountains beyond. None of the other children ventured here. The wall protected the stooped and faded headstones that rose from thick carpets of moss and heather fed by the bones of the […]

The Duke – Kerrigan Byrne

Imogen Pritchard shuddered as the fine hairs on her body prickled with alarm. The usually oppressive atmosphere of the Bare Kitten Gin and Dance Hall turned electric with danger, charging every nerve in her body with the awareness of an advancing predator. After placing her armful of empty ale and gin glasses on the sideboard, […]

The Duke With the Dragon Tattoo – Kerrigan Byrne

“I’m going to hurt you,” Walters warned in a cockney inflection graveled by pipe tobacco and East End coal smoke. He could have passed for a much older man if one never marked the almost infantile features supported by a neck the width of a mooring post. “I rather find I like the pain.” Even […]

The Highlander – Kerrigan Byrne

Something has to be done, Liam Mackenzie decided as he stared down at his gruesome discovery. About the evil man who ruled the Mackenzie of Wester Ross with sadistic whims and cold terror. About the hollow-eyed woman who’d replaced Liam’s own wretched mother, haunting the halls of Ravencroft Keep like a thin, tormented specter of […]

The Business of Blood – Kerrigan Byrne

The arrangement of Frank Sawyer’s corpse was queer enough to lend me pause. He hung upside down in the common room, suspended from the rafter by one foot, the other bent behind him, his spindly legs forming a strange triangle. I’d seen too many bodies to recall the exact number but, in my experience, those […]

Legendary Lovers – Kerrigan Byrne

I want his death to be quick and painless. He’s my brother, after all.” Rory MacKay didn’t meet Connor’s eyes as he said this. Instead, he tracked the armored coach trundling along the river Tay where the water ran into the loch, which boasted the same name. Connor knew it was around noon, though storm […]

How to Love a Duke in Ten Days – Kerrigan Byrne

L’Ecole de Chardonne Mont Pèlerin, Lake Geneva, Switzerland, 1880 “Do you know why I called you to my study at such a late hour, Lady Alexandra?” Headmaster Maurice de Marchand’s hand disappeared beneath his imposing desk at her approach, but Alexandra dared not glance down to note it. She didn’t want to imagine what his […]

A Dark and Stormy Knight – Kerrigan Byrne

T he devil’s breath was a persistent cold prickle on Cutter Morley’s neck. He’d awoken with a start in the wee hours of the morning, propped up against the doorway to St. Dismas where he’d taken refuge. Vicar Applewhite had fallen ill, and so the rectory was locked against vagrants today. More’s the pity. He’d […]

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