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Mountain Man CEO – Khloe Summers

There are about two thousand things I’d rather do than search the forest for some hermit mountain man who won’t join the rest of the world in modern technology. At least this guy doesn’t live too far off the main highway. If he did, we’d have trouble because I am not about to scale the […]

Henry – Khloe Summers

I stand at the windowsill with a palm of salt. The tiny white grains scratch my hand as I push open the glass enclosure, letting in the saline breeze and the low cry of sea birds as they flock for their morning meal. The air is cool this time of year in Provideniya when it […]

Yule – Khloe Summers

I load dishes into the dishwasher and grab the broom from the pantry, sighing loud enough that I hope Greg will hear me in the next room. Not that he’ll do anything about it. He’s watching the game. ‘The game’ as in, football. No one interrupts him during a game. I mean, really if it’s […]

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