Tag: Kim Vogel Sawyer

Ours for a Season – Kim Vogel Sawyer

Marty followed her husband to the front door, keeping enough distance between them to prevent bumping her knee against the bulky suitcase that hung from his hand. Anthony gripped the battered case’s handle hard. Angrily hard. So hard the tendons stood out on the back of his hand. She stared at the discernible ridges and […]

Beneath a Prairie Moon – Kim Vogel Sawyer

Late August 1888 Spiveyville, Kansas Mack Cleveland When’re you gonna have your letter ready, Mack? The fellas is gettin’ fidgety. They all wanna get the packet sent off, you know.” Mack Cleveland paused in scooping nails into the scale’s bowl and sent a scowl across the counter to Spiveyville’s postman. The man’s grin, mostly hidden […]

A Silken Thread – Kim Vogel Sawyer

Sunday, September 1, 1895 Pine Hill neighborhood, Atlanta, Georgia Laurel Millard aurel swung her feet from the armrest of the sofa to the floor and sat up. The book she’d been reading slid from her lap and landed with a soft thud on the faded square of carpet that formed an island in the middle […]

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