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Sweet September – Kirsten Osbourne

Berry handed her keys to the valet, and followed her luggage into the hotel, checking in at the front desk. The hotel was paid for by the tri-state cooking contest she was a contestant in. She’d thought about joining the contest for years, but this was the first time it really felt right. Besides, her […]

Theresa – Kirsten Osbourne

THERESA SANDERS SWUNG a bag of books over her shoulder and walked out the front door of the Sanders’ house. It was a crisp fall day in Nowhere. Leaves from the trees had begun to turn orange and red, drifting to the ground. Theresa hurried away from the house and toward Main Street. Now that […]

Robert – Kirsten Osbourne

Matilda looked around her nervously. It was her first day of work at the Lain Castle. She had grown up in the shadow of the castle, and her parents were serfs who worked the land owned by the Lain family. She had been chosen to be the new maid at the castle, which would be […]

Matha – Kirsten Osbourne

Edna Petunia Sanders beamed at her adopted daughters as they sang proudly in church. Years after she and her husband had taken the fifteen orphans into their home, she was still amazed at how unique and special each one was. In the rows ahead of and behind her sat the daughters who’d already married, along […]

Mail Order Merchant – Kirsten Osbourne

Victoria Miller—known as Toria to her friends—needed to escape. There was something wrong, and she needed out of Beckham, Massachusetts. She’d spent her life working for the local mercantile, but all of a sudden, the owner, Sebastian Penuckle, was making advances. His wife had died a short time before, and he was on the prowl […]

Mail Order Meals – Kirsten Osbourne

Gertrude Miller hurriedly added some fried chicken and potatoes onto a plate, before spooning green beans beside them. She did the same to a second plate and carried both out to the dining room of the diner in Beckham, Massachusetts, where she’d been working since she finished school. She rushed past a table with someone […]

Kennan – Kirsten Osbourne

Eight-year-old Kennan McClain loved being a Highlander. He loved his clan, he loved the hills, but most especially, he loved Gillian Campbell. As the youngest of the Laird McClain’s seven boys, he felt picked on by his big brothers at times, and Gillian understood. She was the youngest of Laird Campbell’s ten children, and with […]

Katie – Kirsten Osbourne

Aaron Cavett looked both ways down the corridor, then inserted his key into the lock and slipped into his office. As he shut the door behind him, he breathed a sigh of relief. He walked to his desk, pulled open the lowest drawer, and pulled out his lunch sack. It had been an exceedingly long […]

Hope – Kirsten Osbourne

Hope Sanders emptied a box of cotton balls into a large glass jar on the counter. She used a clean rag to wipe down the exam table and the medical instruments on a tray nearby, then peeked out the window. It was another dry, hot summer’s day in Nowhere, Texas. Ever since she and her […]

Hannah’s Hanky – Kirsten Osbourne

Independence, Missouri HANNAH MOSEBY SAT in the parlor of her step-father’s home, quietly doing needlepoint. It was almost time for her step-father to be home, and she had no desire to see him. The man was absolutely insufferable. Her father had died two years previously, and her mother had quickly remarried, though she hadn’t needed […]

Gertrude – Kirsten Osbourne

Gertrude Sanders sighed as she stared at several books scattered across a table. She walked over and picked each of them up, returning them to their rightful positions on the shelves. As she passed by, a few of the children at the next table whispered and giggled. “Shh!” Gertrude hissed. She pointed to the sign […]

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