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Teatime with a Knight – Kit Morgan

“HELLO, DARLİNG.” Duncan Cooke stopped and looked up from the papers in his hands when his wife didn’t answer. He saw what she was doing and with raised eyebrows added, “Oh dear. Try not to nick him, sweetness.” “I will not nick him.” She pulled back on the bowstring and took aim. “Hold still, Emsworth,” […]

Redeeming the Rogue – Kit Morgan

“Hey, Jeb!” Atticus Judrow called as he entered the saloon. He went straight to his and Jeb’s usual table and sat. Jeb Mayfield set down his drink. “What ya got there?” he asked, nodding at the letter in his hand. “It’s from my pa.” Atticus opened the envelope and pulled the letter out. “Remember that […]

Reading the Rancher – Kit Morgan

Albert Dunst sat on a fallen log outside of Creede, Colorado and lamented to his friend. “I don’t know why the higher-ups ordered me to do it this way. Besides, who am I to argue with them?” Bob, Albert’s friend, cocked his head to the side and skewed him with one beady eye. “Oh, it’s […]

Lucia – Kit Morgan

Clear Creek, Oregon, June 1882 Maxwell Cooke wiped his hands on his pants for the fifth time. His younger sister Savannah smirked. “Somebody’s nervous.” “Be quiet,” he told her and wiped his hands again. Could he help it if his palms were sweaty? Besides, it had been a hot dusty wagon ride into town. “Savannah […]

Dear Mr. White – Kit Morgan

Mrs. Pettigrew’s assistant Fantine Le Blanc set the framed letter on her boss’s desk, then glanced at the walls of the office. They were covered with framed letters from mail-order brides Mrs. Pettigrew had sent off to be married. Since she was hired, her boss had taken the time to tell her the stories behind […]

Dear Mr. Tindle – Kit Morgan

The Pettigrew Mansion, Denver, Colorado, 1902 FANTİNE LEBLANC DUSTED the framed letters covering the office walls of her employer, Madame Adelia Pettigrew. She was out at the moment, but would return soon, and Fantine was dying to ask if she’d seen Mr. Lundstrom that afternoon. The butcher had visited last week, stayed for tea and […]

Dear Mr. Stone – Kit Morgan

HOME FROM HER ERRANDS, Fantine LeBlanc entered the Pettigrew mansion feeling forlorn. Why couldn’t Tobias Lundstrom the butcher’s son look at her the way he looked at the other young ladies that came into the shop? She heard voices coming from the drawing room. Mrs. Pettigrew, her employer, must be entertaining a guest. Was it […]

Dear Mr. Miller – Kit Morgan

Fantine Leblanc finished her breakfast, left the kitchen and began her day. She stopped in the hall and studied her reflection in a small mirror on the wall. Her employer, Madame Adelia Pettigrew, had regaled her with another fantastic tale yesterday, about a man named Oscar White who married a mail-order bride called (not a […]

Dear Mr. Kincaid – Kit Morgan

Denver, Colorado, May 1902 “FANTİNE, STOP FİDGETİNG!” Mrs. Pettigrew ordered. Fantine took a deep breath and continued to pour Mrs. Pettigrew and her guest their tea. “Forgive me, Madame,” she apologized. “But it is very exciting to have guests.” “Guest, Fantine,” her employer corrected. “Singular. My dear friend Eugena is the only one visiting.” “I […]

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