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Trust Game – Kitty Thomas

Angel sat cramped in a nondescript black SUV that he’d hot-wired off an impound lot. He was parked two houses down from his prey, far enough away that no casual passerby would notice or think anything of it, but close enough that his night vision binoculars could see all that he needed to see. Angel […]

The Proposal – Kitty Thomas

Istand at the back of the enormous church. The stained glass windows mute the over bright sun outside on this unassuming summer Saturday at half past four. The string quartet begins to play Pachelbel’s Canon in D. Two hundred and fifty guests stand. I take a deep breath and walk down the aisle clutching the […]

The Game Maker – Kitty Thomas

The phone in my pocket has stopped ringing by the time I manage to unlock the door and stumble into my apartment, kicking the door shut behind me. In my arms are my last bags of groceries. I sit them on the floor and dig out my phone. One new voicemail. I recognize the number […]

The Dark Arts Duet – Kitty Thomas

It was the fund raising event of the year at a hip up-and-coming gallery. Saskia wasn’t officially invited. She was a plus one to tech tycoon and art collector, Lachlan Niche. It was twenty thousand a head just to get in to the night’s festivities. That didn’t include the VIP tour or the silent auction […]

Tender Mercies – Kitty Thomas

“Darcy.” She turned at the sound of Asher’s voice and smirked, wiggling her ass at him. He sucked in a breath at the sight of her. Her long, elegant limbs, the supple leather collar, the black heels. The slutty kitty outfit he’d dressed her in, complete with a tail he’d inserted an hour before his […]

Tabula Rasa – Kitty Thomas

At some point, right before my memory clicked off, the nightmare fairy must have paid the world a visit. When I opened my eyes, it was twilight, or dawn. I was so disoriented it was hard to tell which. I woke in a pirate ship. Wait. Let me start over. It wasn’t an actual pirate […]

Pretty Lies – Kitty Thomas

The elevator door opened with a sharp ding, delivering Anton Volikov back to the mansion’s entryway. This was his second tour of the property. Empty, the place echoed at an almost painful volume. It was five floors if you counted the two underground basement areas which could easily be turned into dungeons. There were two […]

Perfection – Kitty Thomas

Today is the happiest day of my life. For a short time, I defined the happiest day of my life as the day I married the perfect man, the wealthy and beautiful Conall Walsh. In the months that followed, I learned just how imperfect he was, until today, three years later, when I’d had enough […]

Dark Night of the Soul – Kitty Thomas

There was a time in the distant past when a day was twenty-four hours. Depending on where one lived and the time of year, roughly half that time was day and half was night. But that’s not the world I was born into. Sometimes I think that world never existed—that it’s a bedtime story meant […]

Broken Dolls – Kitty Thomas

“Get out, you fucking whore!” Mina scrambled to wrap herself in the bed sheet. She dove for the ground as a vase smashed, dumping shards of glass into her long dark hair. “If I’m a whore, it’s only because you threw me down on my knees in front of your friends, chortling about what a […]

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