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Wicked Abyss – Kresley Cole

As King Saetth leisurely wiped blood off his sword, Lila choked down her fury. Seated upon his throne, he took his time, keeping everyone in suspense. With two executions complete, only one trial remained. Mine. Would she follow her parents’ fates? Through one of the throne room’s towering windows, a ray of sunlight beamed over […]

Sweet Ruin – Kresley Cole

Jo woke to the taste of copper. She smacked her lips, moving her tongue. Something’s in my mouth? Her eyes flashed open. She bolted upright, and spat two pieces of crumpled metal. What the hell are those? Clutching her aching head, she gazed around, wrinkling her nose at the antiseptic smell. Where am I? Her […]

Shadow’s Seduction – Kresley Cole

“Ilike your style, demon.” Cas had just tipped his head back to relax in the warm springs when he heard that low voice above all the others in the bathhouse. He sat upright on the underwater bench and gazed over in that direction, peering through the steam across the sizable pool. Hooded gray eyes stared […]

Shadow’s Claim – Kresley Cole

Asavage kick to Princess Bettina of Abaddon’s back severed her spinal cord. A blessing. The searing pain that had been clawing through her entire being faded below her waist to pinpoints of pressure, then tingles, then . . . Nothing. Blessing. She’d long since stopped begging for her life, knew she’d never leave this field […]

Poison Princess – Kresley Cole

She’s so lovely, so fragile. Those haunted eyes. Those rosebud lips . . . they’ll scream so prettily. I gaze out my door’s peephole, willing the girl to come closer. A female so near! Come to me. In the ash-filled twilight, she paces the sidewalk fronting my charred Victorian home, wrestling with the decision of […]

Endless Knight – Kresley Cole

This is what I truly am. . . . Jackson stumbled back from me, making the sign of the cross. Just as I once predicted. With that one gesture, he has broken my heart utterly. —And yet I could not be prouder, Empress— seductive Death whispered in my mind. I heard him so clearly; he […]

Dead of Winter – Kresley Cole

Inhale exhale inhale exhale As I raced over the countryside on horseback, I kept hearing deep, ragged breaths. Rain fell from the black sky, drops pelting my face. Winds whipped my horse’s mane and made my poncho hood flap. But I still heard breaths. The tiny hairs on my nape rose. My mare snorted, her […]

Day Zero – Kresley Cole

Millennia ago, the gods grew bored. So Isis, the goddess of magic and wisdom, devised entertainment: a contest to the death for select mortals. She invited gods of other realms to each choose a representative from their most prestigious house, a mortal under the age of twenty-five who would carry the god’s emblem into battle. […]

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