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King’s Warrior – Kris Kennedy

“CHRIST ON THE CROSS, you saved our arses tonight, Tadhg.” Fifteen-year-old Irish renegade Tadhg O’Malley dropped his plunder atop all the other plunder as the revelry went on in the huge sea cave. “Didn’t particularly want to, Rowan,” he retorted. “But you had my share of the booty stuffed in your breeches.” The others exploded […]

Forbidden Warrior – Kris Kennedy

Máel tightened his hand around the hilt of his claymore and waited in the dark alley beside the Goat and Hound tavern, as arranged. But he wasn’t happy about it. Firstly, all manner of mischief was brewing in England these days, and while he had no aversion to England sliding violently off the map of […]

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