Tag: Kris Michaels

Smoke – Kris Michaels

Stand by.” Charley snorted at Smoke’s whispered command. Where the hell was she going to go? They were in the middle of the Caribbean, for God’s sake. She planted her feet shoulderwidth apart and moved with the roll of the yacht. Ribbons of orange, pink, and purple painted the sky as the sun started to […]

Ryker – Kris Michaels

The vibration of his cell phone against the nightstand catapulted Captain Ryker Terrell from sleep. He narrowed his gaze at his digital display. Son of a bitch. Fifteen minutes of sleep. Maybe. “What? What’s wrong?” The soft, sleepy question came from the tangle of sheets beside him. “Nothing, it’s work. Go back to sleep.” He […]

Promises – Kris Michaels

I hate fucking parties.” Jacob King choked on his bourbon at his brother Joseph’s words. Joseph gave him a side-eyed glare, but damn it, the guy was hilarious. When he could suck air, he replied. “You hate everything.” Joseph rolled his eyes. “Not true.” Pushing Joseph’s buttons probably wasn’t smart, but the bourbon was going […]

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