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Wildest Dreams – Kristen Ashley

“You are sure?” Valentine asked in her soft, throaty, sing-song New Orleans accented voice. I nodded. I was sure. Heck yeah, I was sure. I could not wait. “Finnie,” my friend Claudia hissed from my side and I looked from Valentine to Claudia to see Claudia looked pale and alarmed. “This is crazy,” she went […]

The Plan Commences – Kristen Ashley

“We should give her another sleeping draught,” Queen Elpis said fretfully. “The last is clearly not working.” True did not even attempt to hide the censure in his gaze when he looked from the weeping beauty that was in his arms to the Queen of Firenze standing at the side of the foot of Farah’s […]

The Golden Dynasty – Kristen Ashley

I was running. Running on those stupid, flimsy little sandals. Running for my life. He was on his horse, I could hear the beast’s hooves pounding behind me, hear this mingled with my own, panting, ragged, panicked breaths – and they were getting closer. I was covered in blood. Not mine. It was still warm […]

The Dawn of the End – Kristen Ashley

He felt it, even in his weakened state. The veil, it was growing strong. The prophecy, it was advancing. When he also felt he had company in this dark hole where they allowed him to go when they weren’t using him or making him serve, Jellan curled deeper into himself, pressing his abused body closer […]

The Beginning of Everything – Kristen Ashley

Once upon a time, in a parallel universe, there existed an abundance of beauty and riches on the continent of Triton. Yet for millennia, the peoples within it knew nothing but mistrust and oppression and war. Peace was not the destiny chosen by the rulers. Differences were reviled. Subjugation was observed. Conflict was sought. One […]

Fantastical – Kristen Ashley

I heard birds. They were singing. Not chirping. Singing. It wasn’t birdsong. It was just plain, old song but in chirps. It was hard to describe but there it was. A lot of it. It made me open my eyes. Then I blinked and felt it. I was lying down in a bed but not […]

Broken Dove – Kristen Ashley

Apollo Ulfr saw the dancing lights against his closed eyelids before he felt the presence in the room. He rolled out of the bed, grabbing the knife from underneath his pillow as he did so. Crouching by the bed, scanning the room even as his eyes became accustomed to the dark, suddenly he felt it […]

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