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The Avatar’s Flight – Kristen Banet

Mave stood alone on the path, letting the blistering winter cold try to seep into her bones and chase her back into her tent. She stood strong as she looked into the darkness, seeing how the path disappeared, the red moon missing on this night. She had snuck out of her tent, hoping to let […]

Oath Sworn – Kristen Banet

Summer in East Texas was never easy. When it wasn’t over ninety degrees, it was humid and sticky, where sweat just made life miserable, even if it was cooling down a little. The pine trees that covered the area and the shade they provided weren’t all that amazing. Normally, the pine needles had a tendency […]

A Heart of Shame – Kristen Banet

Sawyer didn’t go to dinner that night. The words she’d spoken, activating the enchantment of the contract, still echoed in her head. I, Sawyer Matthews, hereby declare that I accept the terms set forth by the World Magi Council in regard to my freedom and the conditions of my pardon. Wasn’t that some shit? A […]

A Life Of Shadows – Kristen Banet

Sawyer stood quietly on the roof of the skyscraper, looking down to the second, lower roof. Her black domino mask was hot. Sweat already stung her eyes, and the job hadn’t even started yet. Her cloth face guard was sweltering, making her neck itch. She hated needing all this shit, but protecting her face from […]

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