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An Elegant Façade – Kristi Ann Hunter

HERTFORDSHIRE, ENGLAND, 1800 There was something fascinating about the rhythm of writing, at least when someone else was doing it. Dip the quill, write a line, dip the quill, write a line. The quiet scritch of quill against paper broke the silence of the night, accompanied only by Lady Georgina Hawthorne’s steady breathing ruffling the […]

A Return of Devotion – Kristi Ann Hunter

MARLBOROUGH, ENGLAND 1816 She should have been prepared. After all, she’d had two months to imagine this moment, to brace herself for someone new to enter her life. In truth, she’d done little else besides imagine all the possible scenarios, each one worse than the last. But she hadn’t imagined this. Daphne Blakemoor stared at […]

A Noble Masquerade – Kristi Ann Hunter

HERTFORDSHIRE, ENGLAND AUTUMN 1812 Lady Miranda Hawthorne would support her sister tonight, even if it killed her. Judging by the pain already numbing her face, that was a distinct possibility. She massaged her cheeks, hoping to make the forced smile look and feel a little less wooden than the bedroom door in front of her. […]

A Defense of Honor – Kristi Ann Hunter

LONDON 1816 Graham, the Viscount Wharton, heir to the earldom of Grableton, pride of the Cambridge fencing team, coveted party guest, and generally well-liked member of both Brooke’s and White’s, was bored. While the ball swirling around him held as much sparkle and elegance as ever, a dullness had taken the sheen off everything lately. […]

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