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Kindred – Kristin Vayden

The spring sunshine warmed Jaxsen’s gloved fingers as it streamed through the shop window. She resisted the urge to tap her fingernails along the wood table, impatient as she was to find her target. But waiting was part of the game, and as such, she’d learned the value of taking her time. A million different […]

The Temptation of Grace – Kristin Vayden

To say that Ramsey Scott never had a childhood would be an understatement. His mother, God rest her soul, passed away shortly after delivering him into the world—a world that gained a sudden chill at the departure of her sweet soul. His ever-scowling father, the Marquess of Sterling, took the small swaddled babe from the […]

Falling from His Grace – Kristin Vayden

Lucas Mayfield, the eighth Earl of Heightfield, was a lot of things, depending on whom you asked. But chief amongst all the adjectives his peers or others might attribute to him, none was more accurate than the one with which he labeled himself. Bored. It wasn’t a benign state either, rather a dangerous one—because boredom […]

Escaping His Grace – Kristin Vayden

The Honorable Heathcliff Marston, eldest son of the Viscount Kilpatrick, had quite a perfect childhood. With parents who held a true affection for each other, he was born into a life that was the product of a real love match. It was rare as hen’s teeth in society, but being young, he didn’t have the […]

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