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Two Kingdoms – Kristy Cunning

Supposedly, when I make up my mind, I put my head down and accept my fate fearlessly. At least that’s what Lamar said. He said it with a believable dose of conviction, so I don’t think he was lying. I just think he’s an absolute idiot. Because as the Devil wickedly grins at me like […]

One Apocalypse – Kristy Cunning

My body feels pulled in five different directions as I fight to keep myself in one piece, screaming with the effort it takes. A harsh grunt comes out, belittling the powerful, blindingly painful phantom hit that strikes me across my middle. Forced to flip head over heels, I curse over the small, pathetic cry that […]

Three Trials – Kristy Cunning

Just a suggestion: When the Devil says, “Let the games begin,” see if you can run in the opposite direction. If not, put on your big girl panties. Someone might die. “First ten across the line will ascend,” Cain, the Devil’s son, says as he takes over. “Even if everyone else dies, if no one […]

Four Psychos – Kristy Cunning

“Oh! Oh yes,” the woman with the perfect purr says around an exaggerated moan. Really, can’t he tell the girl is quite dramatic with the theatrics? But Three doesn’t care. Three is a rather selfish fellow, I’ve noticed. He lets One, Two, and Four do most of the heavy lifting, then he steps in and […]

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