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Giver – L. L. Muir

March, 2016. Three weeks after The Reckoning… The new building stood near the edge of Wickham Muir’s property, at the base of Craigphadrig Wood. It measured 4 feet deep and 8 feet wide, with half the backside buried in a hillock to protect it from the elements. If it had been up to Kenneth Graham, […]

Wyndham – L. L. Muir

How we got here… On June 20, 2015, Summer Solstice, a fifteen-year-old witch named Soncerae (Soni) went to the battlefield of Culloden Moor, in Scotland. She made a bargain with the 79 Highland ghosts who, strangely enough, had been dear to her all her life. She wanted them to know peace, and she had the […]

Moodie – L. L. Muir

Penny stood ten feet back from the cliff and looked out at the sky shifting above the North Sea. The usual gray clouds gave way to engorged blue ones. The purple shadows finished the effect—a collection of bruises, swelling and turning angrier by the minute. Beneath them, a dark steel shadow marked the western horizon, […]

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