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The Saint – L. P. Lovell

The heavy scent of wood polish and incense surrounds me like a blanket, bringing a rare sense of peace and familiarity. Sunlight plays through a gap in the curtain, hitting the lattice divider and sending tiny speckles of light across my face. I close my eyes, bathing in the temporary warmth. “Forgive me, Father, for […]

Wrath – L. P. Lovell, Stevie J. Cole

I glance at the large screen in front of me that reads: London Heathrow. I stare out at the runway of the South Carolina airport as I wait to board my connecting flight to London. I anxiously fiddle with the strap of my bag… Jude’s bag. The contents of this bag are all I have […]

Bad – Stevie J. Cole, L. P. Lovell

THE FIREPLACE CRACKLES before a log collapses, sending tiny embers flitting up the chimney. My father stares at me from across the room. The heat from the fire caressing my skin, and I fight a smile as I stare back at the anger swimming in his eyes. “You did what?” he says through clenched teeth. […]

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