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Quinn – Lana Dash

I thought when I graduated high school over ten years ago, I’d be done dealing with the bossy queen bees of the world. But when I joined The Romantics Book Club at the local bookstore in my town and met Victoria, the club president, she reminded me that high school is never really over. The […]

Jess – Lana Dash

The stresses from my job seem to melt away with each mile I put between me and the city. I’ve spent the majority of the past six months of my life dedicated to the latest acquisition for my company. It was my baby, having brought the proposal to my firm, so I had to see […]

Fiona – Lana Dash

I’m older than Michelle by three and half minutes. The most important three and a half minutes of my life. If I didn’t have the title of “older sister,” I’d totally get lost in the shadow of my outgoing twin sister. Most of the time I don’t mind letting her have the spotlight, but sometimes […]

Dear Mountain Man – Lana Dash

It’s weird how an act of Mother Nature could lead me down a path of an existential crisis, all before my afternoon coffee jolt has kicked in. And yet, here I am, sitting at one of the small tables near the front of my shop, watching Alden Morrison up on a ladder patching up my […]

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