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A Rogue and Some Mistletoe – Lana Williams

YOU SİMPLY MUST COME. It wouldn’t be the same without you.” Lucy Gray stared at her cousin, Emma Waverly, with guarded suspicion. From experience, she knew some other purpose was behind this personal request to attend the Christmas house party that Emma’s parents were hosting. “We’re just surprised you came all this way to ask […]

Enchanting the Duke – Lana Williams

“Take good care of her, won’t you?” Douglas Slade, the ninth Duke of Rothbury, stilled in surprise at the request as he prepared to add his signature to the paper before him. Good care? His thoughts swirled at what that meant. Mr. Taylor’s eyes watered suspiciously as he continued, “Eleanor is my only child, you […]

A Rogue to the Rescue – Lana Williams

“Don’t do it. He’ll catch you.” At the whispered warning, Beatrice Linfield paused to look at Mary, the other young woman who shared the tiny room of the brothel. The temptation to heed Mary’s advice nearly overwhelmed Beatrice, sending a chill down her spine. The haze that clouded her thoughts didn’t prevent the fear already […]

Ruby’s Gamble – Lana Williams

GİDEON DE WOLFE stared unseeing out the hansom cab window, welcoming the anger that simmered deep within him. He much preferred it over the nerves that had threatened earlier in the evening. He’d arrived in London only yesterday to ensure all was well with De Wolfe Shipping Enterprises only to learn of a gambling scheme […]

Redeeming the Lady – Lana Williams

Lady Samantha Brown drew a deep breath, hoping to ease the disquiet that had been her constant companion of late. The view out the coach window revealed rolling green fields still visible in the fading twilight. The noise and congestion of London had long ago disappeared as they traveled southwest into Hampshire, where the landscape […]

Falling for the Viscount – Lana Williams

Dalia Fairchild kept her focus on the sauntering woman ahead of her—anything to ignore the fear curling tight in her belly. Strolling through the East End was far more unnerving than she’d expected, even with Jack, the new footman, directly behind her. When Ruth, her maid for the past five years, had mentioned she was […]

Daring the Duke – Lana Williams

London, England, June 1871 Lady Lillian Bartley drew a deep breath, acknowledging that she was in over her head, only to wrinkle her nose at the stench carried on the early morning breeze. Her dappled grey mare snorted. Apparently, Lillian wasn’t the only one who noted the smell. She’d hoped to escape the soot-filled air […]

A Rogue’s Reputation – Lana Williams

London, England 1814 Lady Louisa Felton tugged at the ill-fitting trousers she wore as part of her disguise and studied the dark windows of Granger House on Grosvenor Street. None of the servants appeared to be awake. Perfect. Yet she couldn’t convince her feet in their unfamiliar boots to move from the cobblestones toward the […]

A Rogue No More – Lana Williams

London, England May 1815 Thomas Raybourne sank bleary-eyed into the chair behind his father’s desk at Artemis Press, well aware it would never feel like his own. Not because his father had left large footprints to fill, but rather his disapproval had cast a shadow over Thomas his entire life. Why had he expected the […]

A Knight’s Quest – Lana Williams

England, 1298 Sir Garrick de Bremont heard the riders coming before he saw them. The clink of armor and the muffled sound of horses’ hooves on hard-packed earth heralded the unwelcome arrival. His own horse tossed his head at their approach. He didn’t bother drawing his sword for he knew both who the riders were […]

A Knight’s Captive – Lana Williams

Scotland 1298 “To my dear daughter,” Lord James Graham declared as he stood at the high table in the great hall and lifted his pewter goblet, wine sloshing over the sides. “And her soon-to-be husband. On the morrow, they wed.” Cheers filled the chamber while defiance filled Lady Arabela Graham’s heart. She shifted to avoid […]

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