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Sin Undone – Larissa Ione

―The wargs must die.ǁ Sin paced back and forth in the master chamber of her assassin den, her mind working overtime to process Bantazar‘s words. The Assassin Guild‘s messenger stood near the cold fire pit, outstretched hand holding a parchment scroll. Sin snatched it from the Neethul male, who must stand seven feet tall even […]

Rogue Rider – Larissa Ione

It was cold. So fucking cold. He opened his eyes, but he saw… nothing. Groaning, he shifted, because he seemed to be facedown. Yeah… he was doing a face-plant, all right. But where was he? All he could see was snow. No, that wasn’t true; he could see trees laden with snow. And snowbanks laden […]

Revenant – Larissa Ione

Revenant was one fucked-up fallen angel. No, wait… angel. He’d only believed he was a fallen angel. For five thousand fucking years. But he wasn’t an angel, either. Maybe technically, but how could someone born and raised in Sheoul, the demon realm some humans called hell, be considered a holy-rolling, shiny-haloed angel? He may have […]

Reaver – Larissa Ione

Fate was not a word angels tossed around lightly. But as Zachariel, First Angel of the Apocalypse, wrote the final chapter of Verrine/Harvester: An Unauthorized Biography, he couldn’t help but think about how fate had screwed her over. And so it was that, five thousand human years ago, the angel Verrine fell in love with […]

Pleasure Unbound – Larissa Ione

The demon is a prince of the air and can transform himself into several shapes, delude our senses for a time; but his power is determined, he may terrify us but not hurt. —Robert Burton, Anatomy of Melancholy Had Eidolon been anywhere but the hospital, he would have killed the guy pleading for his life […]

Passion Unleashed – Larissa Ione

There were three things Wraith did well: hunt, fight, and fuck. He was going to do all three tonight. In exactly that order. Crouching on the rooftop of a shop run by immigrants who had probably come from such a shitty country that the violence in the streets of Brownsville, Brooklyn, didn’t faze them, Wraith […]

Immortal Rider – Larissa Ione

Arik Wagner had to hand it to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse; they threw one hell of a party. Well, three of them did, anyway. The fourth, whose name had been Reseph before his Seal broke and he became known as Pestilence, had been lying low since his defeat at the hands of his […]

Eternal Rider – Larissa Ione

Her name was Lilith, and she was an evil succubus. His name was Yenrieth, and he was a good angel. After hundreds of years of seducing humans, Lilith got bored. So she set her sights on Yenrieth, the ultimate challenge. He resisted. She pursued. He resisted some more. This went on for decades, until the […]

Ecstasy Unveiled – Larissa Ione

He who does not see the angels and devils in the beauty and malice of life will be far removed from knowledge, and his spirit will be empty of affection. —Kahlil Gibran Lore had always believed that when it came to sex, the more the merrier. Too bad for him that when “more” meant more […]

Desire Unchained – Larissa Ione

Three Years Ago … “He’s gone. Let’s cal it.” Shade ignored his partner and crunched another series of compressions into the shapeshifter’s chest. Beneath his palms, cracked ribs grated with each downward stroke. One–one thousand, crunch. Two–one thousand, crunch. Shade’s own heart was pounding, pumping enough blood per minute to fuel Underworld General’s lava-thermal generator, […]

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