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Seductive Silence – Larissa Lyons

“‘Than in the b-breath that from my mistress reeks.’” Daniel Holbrook, the fourth Marquis of Tremayne, repeated the last few words with a grim smile. “Reeks is right,” he muttered beneath his breath (breath that most assuredly did not reek of onions as that of his former mistress often had). He crumpled the topmost page […]

Lusty Letters – Larissa Lyons

THEA LİFTED her gaze from the missive to the servant who’d delivered it. Along with the note and a book of poems, he’d also handed her a bow-adorned box. The spry young man had introduced himself as, “Buttons, miss, since I was caught eatin’ one, with loads of others found missing. My papa told me […]

Daring Declarations – Larissa Lyons

THEA WAS AFRAİD TO BLİNK. What if she missed something? Bypassing the ticket booth, Lord Tremayne conferred briefly with an employee before guiding her straight through the foyer and up one of several sweeping staircases. Muted music indicated the performance was well underway. Mayhap arriving late was to their benefit? (No one to see her […]

Lady Scandal – Larissa Lyons

THOUGH LORD LETHERİDGE applied himself with undue diligence, groping and grabbing, fumbling for a feel of his young bride every chance he could, it was all for naught. By the time he’d wed his sixth and final wife, his body refused to cooperate. So, when Lord Letheridge died without legal issue, many of his sizable […]

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