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A Dangerous Game – Laura Beers

MİSS EMMELİNE LOCKHART found herself in the most peculiar situation. She had been told that she should feel immense gratitude for the position that she was in, but all she felt was dread at the thought of marrying the Duke of Billingham. She snuck a glance at the aged duke, who was sitting at the […]

Loving Lord Egleton – Laura Beers

MİSS HANNAH BLACKMORE awoke to the sound of birds warbling outside her window. She groaned as she rolled over and put a pillow over her head to muffle the sound. Blasted birds! How she detested their incessant chatter. Every morning it was the same, and she tired of waking up to them. Why had they […]

Saving Lord Berkshire – Laura Beers

MİSS KATHERİNE BLACKMORE was in possession of a great many secrets. After all, that was very much expected in her work as a matchmaker. She became friends with her clients, even confidantes. She had to establish a certain level of trust with them so she could help them secure a match. And not just any […]

Reforming the Duke – Laura Beers

MİSS AMELİA BLACKMORE knew that she should be paying attention to the ceremony, but she found her interest waning. Her eyes strayed towards the windows of the church, longing to be outside. It was such a lovely morning. The sun shone, and the birds sang from every tree. It was a perfect day to be […]

A Dangerous Pursuit – Laura Beers

MİSS MADALENE DOWDİNG leaned lower in the saddle as she urged her horse forward, coaxing a little more speed out of the white gelding. She knew she was racing at a breakneck pace, but that did little to deter her. She did not fear falling off her horse. Frankly, she feared very little since her […]

An Agent for Alexina – Laura Beers

AGENT ALEXİNA KİMBALL was tired of dealing with dumb criminals. Yet, there seemed to be an abundance of them. She shook her head as she watched the suspect climb up the ladder attached to the side of the boxcar and scurry onto the roof of a moving train. “Idiot,” she muttered to herself as she […]

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