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Tidewater Bride – Laura Frantz

Alas, she was not a tobacco bride, but she had been given charge of them. A daunting task for a young woman of six and twenty, even if she was the cape merchant’s daughter. All winter, reams of glowing recommendations for these fair English maids had piled like a snowdrift atop her father’s burgeoning desk, […]

An Uncommon Woman – Laura Frantz

Buckhannon River, Western Virginia Spring 1770 Why could she not quit pondering that flounced petticoat? The rule of the river was vigilance, Pa had always said. Embraced by blooming redbud and dogwood on both banks, the Buckhannon gushed snow-cold in the spring thaw, its muddy depths a maelstrom of danger. Yet even the high water […]

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