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Touch of Red – Laura Griffin

It was like any other Wednesday night. Until it wasn’t. Samantha Bonner had just finished sweeping up. She’d emptied the dustpan and sanitized the sink and wiped down the pastry case. The burned smell of coffee beans hung thick in the air, overpowering the vinegar solution she’d run through the machines. But it was quiet. […]

Flight – Laura Griffin

the lı̇ght was perfect, but she didn’t have long. Miranda Rhoads dipped the paddle and glided smoothly through the water as she composed the shot. Cattails in the foreground, the tall lighthouse a distant spire. In between, the bay was a vast mirror that reflected the pinkening sky. She lowered the blade of her paddle […]

Untraceable – Laura Griffin

Melanie bumped along the pitted road, almost certain she wasn’t lost. She peered through the darkness and drizzle, searching for nonexistent landmarks. Had she missed it again? No way. First left after the low-water bridge— She spotted the yellow porch light and sighed. Finally. Sex and Mexican food. She’d been craving both all day—in that […]

Hidden – Laura Griffin

DANA WAS IN love with a complete stranger. She could admit it. Or she could have admitted it, if she’d had anyone to admit it to. She eyed him in the parking lot as she leaned against the lamppost and stretched her quads. Tall, wide shoulders, strong runner’s legs. He had shaggy brown hair that […]

Desperate Girls – Laura Griffin

JEN BALLARD planned to get lucky tonight. The thought made her heart do a little hopscotch as she slid her Volvo sedan into the driveway and checked her surroundings. No news vans. No beat-up hatchbacks belonging to reporters. She skimmed the street in both directions but saw only familiar cars in familiar driveways. She glanced […]

Beyond Limits – Laura Griffin

The night was all wrong for an op, but they were going anyway, and not a man among them disputed the call. Lieutenant Derek Vaughn sat wedged between his teammates in the Black Hawk helicopter listening to the thunder of the rotor blades as he pictured the city below. The rugged outpost was hemmed in […]

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