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Autumn’s Wild Heart – Laura Landon

“Nella, look.” Lady Petronella Westerly, eldest daughter of the Earl of Shelton, lifted her gaze to the spot where her best friend, Rosamonde, pointed. “He’s here,” Nella sighed. “Oh, doesn’t he look handsome tonight?” Nella’s second best friend whispered from Nella’s other side. Nella didn’t have to look to know that Patricia was gawping in […]

Summer’s Distant Heart – Laura Landon

Hunter Montclaire knelt at his brother’s bedside and reached for his hand. His brother’s palm was damp, his skin hot and clammy. He’d been in the throes of a violent fever for more than a week, and the physician who had just left gave him little chance of recovery. “Hunt?” his brother whispered. “Yes, Evan. […]

Rich Man – Laura Landon

Blake Edison sat in the large leather wing chair angled before the crackling fire in his private office above Edison Textile Imports’ warehouse and breathed a heavy sigh. He took a sip of brandy and let his mind travel back to the beginning. To the day when he’d first met his mentor and savior, Silas […]

One Mystical Moment – Laura Landon

Major Frank Collyard stared out the carriage window as they made their way through England’s wintry wonderland. It was the Christmas Season and he was on his way to Cherrywood Manor. He swiped his hand across his face. Bloody hell, but he hated this time of year. He usually devoted the week before and after […]

Jeb – Laura Landon

The sun had yet to show its face as Jeb made his way through Hyde Park. The letter he’d received told him the exact spot he was to meet Her Majesty’s representative. Like so many times in the past, Jeb’s pulse quickened at the idea of a clandestine assignation. He hadn’t considered ignoring the request. […]

Hugh – Laura Landon

Hugh Wythers sat in his father’s study and focused on the papers his father shuffled before him. There was something unusual in the Marquess of Bentingham’s actions. A hesitancy, as if he wasn’t eager to continue their conversation. Hugh and his father had always enjoyed a close relationship even though the marquess had often expressed […]

Caleb – Laura Landon

Captain Caleb Parker left his small flat on Queen Street and walked to the second corner from where he lived. As he did every morning, Vince, the hot bun vendor, had his cart set up and was doing a brisk business. Caleb could already taste the gooey bun dripping with butter and honey. A smile […]

Bewitched by the Poor Man – Laura Landon

Quinten Marvell, Duke of Somerset, scanned the countryside as he rode his chestnut thoroughbred toward Lindenwood Manor. The closer he got, the faster his heart raced. He was almost there. Almost to the home he loved more than anywhere. He swept across the Blackdown Hills, sending up flocks of starlings that dipped and soared out […]

Betrayed By the Beggar Man – Laura Landon

Damn and blast. If he had to attend one more wedding it would be his undoing. Liam McGregor, self-defined ruffian, strode across the ballroom floor on his way to the refreshment table where he would find a glass of Blake Edison’s excellent whiskey. Blake would have nothing less than the best, especially for tonight. After […]

Behold the Thief – Laura Landon

IT WAS NOT QUITE NINE, too early to get into her disguise. Lily McGregor entered her brother’s library and marveled at the massive selection of books on his shelves. Although the town house Liam McGregor and his wife Lady Millicent had purchased wasn’t in the middle of Mayfair, it was still in the fashionable part […]

A Voice on the Wind – Laura Landon

Ginny Wattersfield knelt beside her mother’s final resting place in the graveyard behind St. Dunstan’s Church, and moved her hand over the place where her mother was buried. The connection Ginny felt to her mother was as strong today as when her mother was alive, the guilt that gnawed at her as painful today as […]

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