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Lady Smoke – Laura Sebastian

T HE SPICED COFFEE IS SWEET on my tongue, made with a generous dollop of honey. The way Crescentia always orders it. We sit on the pavilion like we have a thousand times before, steaming porcelain mugs cradled in our hands to ward off the chill in the evening air. For a moment, it feels […]

Ember Queen – Laura Sebastian

I SPENT MUCH OF MY FIRST six years afraid of my mother’s throne the way most children are afraid of monsters lurking under their beds. It was a terrifying thing to behold: tall and shadowy black, sharp-edged, carved to look like dark flames. I remember the bonedeep certainty that touching it would burn. Every day, […]

Ash Princess – Laura Sebastian

“T HORA!” I turn to see Crescentia barreling toward me down the gilded palace hallway, pink silk skirts lifted as she runs and a broad grin spread across her lovely face. Her two maids struggle to keep up with her, their emaciated frames drowning in homespun dresses. Don’t look at their faces, don’t look, I […]

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