Tag: Laura Thalassa

War – Laura Thalassa

THE DAY STARTS off like most others. With a nightmare. The explosion roars through my ears, the force of it knocking me into the water. Darkness. Nothing. Then— I gasp in a breath. There’s water and fire and … and … and God the pain—the pain, the pain, the pain. The sharp bite of it […]

Pestilence – Laura Thalassa

THEY CAME WİTH the storm. The sky surged, great plumes of clouds tumbling and roiling together. The desert air thickened, feeling damp and smelling unusually ripe. Lightning flashed. BOOM! The world lit up like it was on fire, and there they were—four great beasts of men astride their terrible steeds. The monstrous mounts reared back, […]

Famine – Laura Thalassa

I always knew I would see Famine again. Call it intuition, but I knew that fucker would come back. The coastal breeze blows against my skirt and ruffles my dark hair. Nearby, a woman gives me a dirty look. I stand with what’s left of my town, our bodies lining the road. I don’t know […]

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