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A Scandalous Secret – Laura Trentham

Thomas Garrick stood sentinel outside Sir Hawkins’s study. His stance was deliberately casual, but he remained on alert at all times, even in the London town house Sir Hawkins and his family called home. He didn’t try to be intimidating, yet the young scullery maid gave him a wide berth on her daily chores. He’d […]

A Daring Deception – Laura Trentham

It was an uncomfortable, frigid day for travel. The steel-gray clouds closing in on them had precipitated an early stop for the evening. At first glance, their hired carriage appeared well-heeled with its red velvet interior and glossy black paint. It had certainly cost an eye-popping amount of coins to hire, but the springs were […]

A Wicked Wedding – Laura Trentham

Miss Diana Grambling was well and truly stuck with no plan to extricate herself from her numerous thorny problems. Her immediate difficulty consisted of disentangling herself from a set of brambles and getting in front of a warm fire with hot tea at home. Not that she was likely to be missed. It wasn’t that […]

A Sinful Surrender – Laura Trentham

Miss Bancroft is not hideous, I suppose, but she is only just passable. Don’t you agree? So quiet and… and boring. I’m afraid those novels she’s fond of are rotting her brain. She reminds me of this brown paneling.” Sir Wallace Wainscott rapped the wall. Hiding farther down the shadowy hall, Delilah Bancroft felt the […]

A Reckless Redemption – Laura Trentham

Cragian, Scotland. Winter 1813 rynmore McCann entered the stables with her head down and her thoughts on the evening’s work. Nerves and dread took up too much room in her body. The biscuits she’d choked down for appearance’s sake at tea attempted to claw their way out. Chuffs and the restless shuffling of hooves registered […]

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