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Wrath – Laurann Dohner

919 tensed, watching the other males in the room with a mixture of awe and trepidation. His future rested in two of those males’ hands. Justice North sat calmly behind his desk while Brass paced in front of it. Brass paused. “They are new to freedom and I don’t trust them yet. It is too […]

Valiant – Laurann Dohner

Tammy Shasta had experienced fear plenty of times in her twenty-eight years of life but this made all those other times pale in comparison. She’d known her job might be dangerous. Everything these days held a bit of risk. Driving on the highway could be perilous, someone crossing a street could be struck by a […]

True – Laurann Dohner

Jeanie smothered a cry of distress and fought back tears. It was horrific to watch the man she obsessed over being tortured. It would only get both of them killed if she followed her gut instinct to rush outside to come to his aid. “I knew you liked that one too much,” a chillingly familiar […]

Touching Ice – Laurann Dohner

The female voice had a high-pitched Southern accent that grated on Megan’s last nerve. Whoever the programmer had been who had last worked on the station had obviously been a man with a sick, twisted sense of humor since he’d given the computer the most annoying voice he could download. He’d also had a thing […]

Taunting Krell – Laurann Dohner

Emily heard the door softly open and flicked her wrist. The screen on her computer instantly changed to display a card game. She glanced at the smaller monitor to her right and relaxed. A smile curved her lips while she watched the tall cyborg approach from behind. Mavo’s masculinity flooded her as she breathed him […]

Stealing Coal – Laurann Dohner

Explosions hurt Coal’s ears and he realized he probably wouldn’t escape the Earth shuttle before it blew up. His feet pounded down the hallway and he didn’t dare slow, taking a blow to his shoulder when he slammed into the corridor wall. He bounced off and kept going as the lights flickered around him until […]

Smiley – Laurann Dohner

“Stop embarrassing me.” Carl hissed the words, glancing around to make sure he couldn’t be overheard by anyone except his target. “My father said you’re surly. It reflects badly on him. I just got my ass chewed out. Keep smiling and nod, Vanni. He also said you were rude to a journalist.” “Did you hear […]

Slade – Laurann Dohner

“Didn’t you used to work for a veterinarian, Trisha?” Trisha frowned, taking a sip of her iced coffee. Her body tensed when she heard the man’s voice. Dr. Dennis Channer was a prick. He always tried to go out of his way to harass her by any means possible. The guy just had it in […]

Shadow – Laurann Dohner

She wouldn’t be called Mud any longer. Beauty. She silently repeated the new name the woman had given her, determined to remember to answer to Beauty instead of Mud. That distraction helped her battle the confusion and deep shock she had suffered after being led out of her cage by the woman named Jessie. The […]

Obsidian – Laurann Dohner

Dr. Allison Baker knew what it was like to lose patients. She’d sat next to them and held their hands as death hovered to take them away after their last breaths. It was part of the job and it came with the territory to understand that some battles couldn’t be won. It wasn’t something a […]

Numbers – Laurann Dohner

“I can’t believe you get to live here,” Dana whispered, afraid of being overheard in Medical. Her brother, Paul, grinned. “New Species are really cool. I’m glad you decided to take me up on the tour and visit us for a few days. I think my wife is a little homesick.” “Maybe you should come […]

Moon – Laurann Dohner

Joy tried to relax in the chair but worry over her client made her fidget. She glanced at the clock, noting he was late again. Minutes ticked by while her anger grew. It was the fourth session in a row that 466 had blown off. He did it on purpose. She knew he was going […]

Mating Brand – Laurann Dohner

Hot, slick skin drew her mouth to his flat belly. The sheets had been kicked off. The window air conditioner droned softly from the other room but it wasn’t a match for the sweltering heat of an early Texas summer. Charma licked a bead of sweat just under Brand’s bellybutton. She loved his taste, his […]

Mate Set – Laurann Dohner

Mika experienced fear and confusion as the four men surrounded her. She was supposed to be safe in Bartock. This was her uncle’s town—humans were off limits to werewolves, it being law to leave them alone. The four men who had grabbed her from the sidewalk and dragged her down the alley weren’t following the […]

Kissing Steel – Laurann Dohner

“Sir? We are close to the Star.” Standing up, Rena walked toward the man at the helm. The Bridden was a small, fast jumper shuttle. The five-man crew and Rena had spent two weeks chasing down the intermittent distress signal from a life pod from the spaceship Star. They were farther out in space than […]

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