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The Bravest of Them All – Laurel O’Donnell

“There’s nothing to be afraid of,” Luke of Brackley announced as he carefully stepped into the dark cave, holding Melwyn’s hand. He thrust a torch forward to light their way. The flickering flames did little to illuminate the slick floor or wet walls. Still, he knew it was safe. He had searched the cave already. […]

My Victorious Knight – Laurel O’Donnell

Papa!” Elora ran to her father’s side as he stood with his hands on his hips, legs stretched wide, watching the knights practice their jousting in the tilting yard. She didn’t notice his scowl as he focused on the men. At eight summers, all Elora knew was her older brother, Edward, received more attention from […]

A Knight With Mercy – Laurel O’Donnell

1172 Goodmont, England “For the love of my lord William!” The words echoed throughout the black darkness. Richard le Breton gripped his sword tightly, knowing what was to come. He wanted to drop the weapon and back away, but his fingers would not open. Suddenly, as he tried to force his fingers open, blood pooled […]

A Knight With Grace – Laurel O’Donnell

England 1183 Grace Willoughby hadn’t realized her mother was so sick. Her mother lay in her bed, her dark fair fanned out against the white bedding, making her face seem ghostly white. So…sickly. Rings lined her eyes and her brow was furrowed in anguish. Grace wiped a strand of damp hair from her mother’s brow, […]

A Knight Before Christmas – Laurel O’Donnell

1392 England saw her, Mother!” Eve Chandos stared up at her mother through wide eyes. The Great Hall was crowded with visiting nobles and knights for the Yule celebration. Rich velvet skirts and polished black boots encircled Eve as she stood at her mother’s feet. At five summers, she barely reached her mother’s waist. Conversation […]

A Knight Amid Thorns – Laurel O’Donnell

England 1402 Graden raced through the long halls of his home, Castle Dumount. His father was back from fighting the French! He was home! He hadn’t seen him for years. He skidded to a halt, looking into the Great Hall. Ceilings stretched far overhead, and the hearth crackled with a small fire. The long wooden […]

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