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Heart of Winter – Lauren Gilley

It so happened that Oliver’s father was a profligate, a playboy, and an exceptional warrior. He was also not at all married to Oliver’s mother, a washerwoman, who died when Oliver was only six. His father was the younger brother to the Lord of Drakewell, the duchy named thus for the duck population who’d made […]

Edge of the Wild – Lauren Gilley

The messenger falcon wheeled overhead, a black stamp against the pink sunset sky. It turned, and turned again, riding an updraft, angling its wings, flashing a pale, speckled belly, and the bars on its tail. Then it winged off toward Drake Hold, fading to a speck, swallowed up by the last blaze of gold along […]

Red Rooster – Lauren Gilley

For a moment, clutching the address tight in his left hand – his bad hand, his bad side – staring up at the clean, white façade of the building, he had allowed himself a rare sense of hope. The ad he’d torn out of the paper with painstaking care, left hand shaking the whole time, […]

Golden Eagle – Lauren Gilley

“Sashka…” “But look at them. They’re so pretty. And they smell nice. And one will look nice, and smell pretty in our apartment! In the corner by the TV. Don’t you think?” Nikita refrained from groaning, but barely. They stood on a corner, snowflakes sifting down from a winter sky gone dark early, cold enough […]

Dragon Slayer – Lauren Gilley

He woke to the pain of his brother’s elbow in his ribs. “Val,” Vlad murmured, half-asleep. “Stop kicking me.” “Oh.” Val blinked up at the ceiling, the faint shadows from the fireplace that flickered over it. “Sorry.” Vlad sighed and rolled toward him. The furs flapped, letting in a shaft of cold air that made […]

White Wolf – Lauren Gilley

He was stalking her. She could see him in the big convex mirror positioned up in the corner of the cosmetics aisle. Tall, slender, ripped black skinnies and Docs, old-as-shit AC/DC sweatshirt with the hood pulled up. What little she could see of his face – chin, sharp line of his jaw, tip of his […]

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