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Unforgiven – Lauren Kate

Cam’s boots touched down on the eaves of the old church beneath a cold and starry sky. He drew his wings close and gazed out at the landscape. Spanish moss, white in the moonlight, hung like icicles from antebellum trees. Cinder-block buildings framed a weedy field and a pair of splintery bleachers. Wind rustled in […]

Torment – Lauren Kate

Daniel stared out at the bay. His eyes were as gray as the thick fog enveloping the Sausalito shoreline, as the choppy water lapping the pebble beach beneath his feet. There was no violet to his eyes now at all; he could feel it. She was too far away. He braced himself against the biting […]

Rapture – Lauren Kate

First there was silence— In the space between Heaven and the Fall, deep in the unknowable distance, there was a moment when the glorious hum of Heaven disappeared and was replaced by a silence so profound that Daniel’s soul strained to make out any noise. Then came the feeling of falling—a drop even his wings […]

Passion – Lauren Kate

A shot rang out. A broad gate banged open. A pounding of horses’ hooves echoed around the track like a massive clap of thunder. “And they’re of !” Sophia Bliss adjusted the wide brim of her feathered hat. It was a muted shade of mauve, twentyseven inches in diameter, with a drop-down chif on veil. […]

Fallen in Love – Lauren Kate

Shelby and Miles were laughing when they stepped out of the Announcer. Its dark tendrils clung to the brim of Miles’s blue Dodgers baseball cap and Shelby’s tangled ponytail as the two of them emerged. Even though Shelby’s body felt as weary as if she’d done four back-to-back sessions of Vinyasa yoga, at least she […]

Fallen – Lauren Kate

Luce barged into the fluorescent-lit lobby of the Sword Cross School ten minutes later than she should have. A barrel-chested attendant with ruddy cheeks and a clipboard clamped under an iron bicep was already giving orders—which meant Luce was already behind. “So remember, it’s meds, beds, and reds,” the attendant barked at a cluster of […]

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