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Requiem – Lauren Oliver

I’ve started dreaming of Portland again. Since Alex reappeared, resurrected but also changed, twisted, like a monster from one of the ghost stories we used to tell as kids, the past has been finding its way in. It bubbles up through the cracks when I’m not paying attention, and pulls at me with greedy fingers. […]

Raven – Lauren Oliver

Here are the top three things I’ve learned in my twenty-two years on the planet: 1) Never wipe your butt with poison ivy. 2) People are like ants: Just a few of them give all the orders. And most of them spend their lives getting squashed. 3) There are no happy endings, only breaks in […]

Pandemonium – Lauren Oliver

Alex and I are lying together on a blanket in the backyard of 37 Brooks. The trees look larger and darker than usual. The leaves are almost black, knitted so tightly together they blot out the sky. “It probably wasn’t the best day for a picnic,” Alex says, and just then I realize that yes, […]

Hana – Lauren Oliver

When I was a little kid, my favorite thing about winter was sledding. Every time it snowed, I would convince Lena to meet me at the bottom of Coronet Hill, just west of Back Cove, and together we would trek through soft mounds of new powder, our breath coming in clouds, our plastic sleds sliding […]

Delirium – Lauren Oliver

It has been sixty-four years since the president and the Consortium identified love as a disease, and forty-three since the scientists perfected a cure. Everyone else in my family has had the procedure already. My older sister, Rachel, has been disease free for nine years now. She’s been safe from love for so long, she […]

Annabel – Lauren Oliver

When I was a girl, it snowed for a whole summer. Every day, the sun rose smudgy behind a smoke-gray sky and hovered behind its haze; in the evenings, it sank, orange and defeated, like the glowing embers of a dying flame. And the flakes came down and down—not cold to touch, but with their […]

Alex – Lauren Oliver

Let me tell you something about dying: it’s not as bad as they say. It’s the coming-back-to-life part that hurts. I was a kid again in Rhode Island, running through the gallery, heading toward the ocean. The gallery was what we called the long, covered walk-way that ran from the harbor all the way to […]

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