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Dark Desire – Lauren Smith

Clutching her pregnant belly, soaked in blood, a young woman stumbled into the emergency room as night fell outside the rural hospital. She could barely breathe as rolling waves of labor pains threw her body into spasms. It felt as though two giant hands were trying to rip her body apart. Everything felt heavy, and […]

The Wicked Beginning – Lauren Smith

Must you leave?” Emily Parr flopped ungracefully onto the bed in a fashion more becoming of a girl of seven rather than seventeen. Her mother, Clara, smiled at her as she pulled on a dark-red pelisse and fastened the buttons. She presented an elegant and willowy figure. Emily hoped she would someday be as beautiful […]

The Earl of Morrey – Lauren Smith

I have returned to bring you the most delicious gossip. It must be noted that the existence of a certain club has recently reached my attention, one called the Wicked Earls’Club. Only the most wicked of titled earls are said to be members. Naturally, my mind has run away with thoughts of a most dangerous […]

The Duke’s Dove – Lauren Smith

“IT’S A DAMN COLD NİGHT, eh, Nathan?” Nathan Powell, the Duke of Hastings, glanced in irritation at his younger brother, Lewis, who was just visible in the light from the coach lantern. The flame rippled and sputtered as the lantern rocked slightly with the moving conveyance. It was a poor night to be out on […]

Tempting the Footman – Lauren Smith

“What you need, my dear, is a trip to the country.” Venetia Dunham lay stretched out on a chaise, a Gothic novel abandoned in her lap as she stared up at the intricate crown molding of the ceiling in her Mayfair townhouse. She lowered her gaze to the speaker, her grandmother, Gwendolyn Dunham, the Dowager […]

The Rakehell’s Seduction – Lauren Smith

Ambrose Worthing was attending a country dance. The notion was laughable. He, a glorified rakehell with a distaste for country life, was currently entrapped in a bloody assembly room that could pass for a barn on better days. In fact, as he glanced around the room, he decided it most certainly resembled a farmyard at […]

The Last Wicked Rogue – Lauren Smith

London, December 1821 The deafening crack of ice breaking was like a gunshot. It halted Charles Humphrey, the seventh Earl of Lonsdale, dead in his tracks. He’d been racing across the frozen Thames, twilight bleeding over the wintry landscape ahead of him, creating eerie shadows that led to the figure just beyond his reach. “Stop!” […]

The Lady in Pearls – Lauren Smith

Strange, how one’s future can hang upon a single moment. One can feel trapped, frozen, while the world spins wildly by. Daphne Westfall was caught in such a moment, unable to move forward now that her life had been turned upon its head. Ever since her father’s death, she dwelt in a nightmare that had […]

The Duke’s Twin – Lauren Smith

MİLES, YOU MUST SAVE ME.” Miles Beresford folded down the edges of his newspaper and met the harried gaze of his twin brother, Justin, who was standing in the doorway of Miles’s study. No matter that they’d grown up together as children, it still shocked him to come face-to-face with Justin, given how much they […]

The Earl of Kent – Lauren Smith

Fifteen-year-old Ella Humphrey was caught in a dream as she leaned over the wooden banister overlooking the entryway to her home. Two young men had come in through the door, shaking snow off their Hessian boots and removing their hats as they talked jovially. One was her older brother Graham, and the other…the other was […]

The Gentleman’s Seduction – Lauren Smith

“Please, you cannot do this!” The hoarse pleading echoed in the silence of the hall. Seventeen-year-old Martin Banks hid in the shadows, watching his father plead for mercy with Edwin Hartwell in the foyer of their small townhouse on Gracechurch Street. Edwin’s tall stature, broad shoulders, and cold face cast fear into Martin’s young heart. […]

Of Sand and Stone – Lauren Smith

Rebecca Clark could stare at naked chiseled men all day, which was a good thing considering it was her job. Well, a part of it. As the curator of a small New England art museum, she looked at naked men all the time. But they weren’t real men. They were marble, not flesh and blood. […]

No Rest for the Wicked – Lauren Smith

“HİT ’EM HARDER!” Fourteen-year-old Dominic Greyville swung a fist at the large lout of a boy and snarled like a badger as he bared his teeth. There was nothing more exciting than fighting on a dirt road with a bastard who deserved a good punch or two. “Look out, Dom!” Another warning sent Dominic diving […]

Never Tempt a Scot – Lauren Smith

Lydia, is that your sister?” Lydia’s friend Lysandra Russell pointed to a group of young men hovering around a delicate, petite figure in the middle of the crowded assembly room. Even at this distance, Lydia recognized her younger sister’s fine-boned face and far too pretty features: the flaxen hair, the cornflower-blue eyes, and the lovely […]

Never Kiss a Scot – Lauren Smith

Excerpt from the Quizzing Glass Gazette, June 30, 1821, the Lady Society column: LADY SOCİETY HAS BEEN HEARİNG the most delicious tales. Dare I say rumor has it that Lord Kincade—a Scottish earl—and his two brothers have recently come to Bath and are setting the fans aflutter and the matrons atwitter? I’m tempted to suggest […]

His Wicked Secret – Lauren Smith

Excerpt from the Quizzing Glass Gazette, September 9, 1821, the Lady Society column: Lady Society is quite frustrated with gentlemen as of late, especially those of a roguish nature. In particular, she is casting her disapproving eye on Mr. St. Laurent, the younger brother to the Duke of Essex. This gentleman has attempted a callous […]

Her Wicked Longing – Lauren Smith

Gillian Beaumont knew the day was bound to be full of trouble. As she worked to tame the curls of her mistress’s hair, she fretted over the wicked gleam in Audrey Sheridan’s eyes. Gillian was used to this mischievous glint, but today it seemed doubly intense, and the way her lips curled at the ends […]

Earl of Pembroke – Lauren Smith

London in the day was a bustling city with carriages speeding along the cobblestoned streets and women selling flowers in heavily perfumed baskets while the crowds perused the shops and paid calls on friends. But as darkness fell, shadows could play tricks on the eyes of those foolish enough to walk the streets after the […]

Devil at the Gates – Lauren Smith

The Duke of Frostmore stirred fitfully in his bed. The sheets that clung to his skin were damp and fresh with terrible dreams that had jolted him awake. He’d never slept well when it rained, even as a boy when he’d simply been known as Redmond Barrington. There was something about the sound, the way […]

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