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The Iron Flower – Laurie Forest

Welcome to the Resistance. Vice Chancellor Quillen’s words echo in my mind as I bow my head against the driving wind and hurry through the torchlit University streets. I pull my cloak taut, no longer daunted by the wanted posters nailed up all over the city. Instead, I’m overcome by a renewed sense of urgency […]

Light Mage – Laurie Forest

They’re scared to let me see him. My demon child. The elderly Vu Trin healer, Sang Loi, quickly wraps him in a dark blanket, hiding his wings from sight. She hugs him close to her chest, eyeing me with apprehension. Three black-garbed Vu Trin sorceresses flank her, watching me closely, their hands loose on curved […]

The Black Witch – Laurie Forest

The woods are beautiful. They’re my friends, the trees, and I can feel them smiling down at me. I skip along, kicking at dry pine needles, singing to myself, following close at the heels of my beloved uncle Edwin, who turns every so often, smiles and encourages me to follow. I am three years old. […]

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