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Damaged – Layla Frost

I WAS DYING. Not metaphorically. Not exaggeratedly. Not dramatically, in my teenage angst of I-can’t-even. But literally. Again, not how I would literally die without chocolate. The real literal. At sixteen years old, I was dying. Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. A.L.L. Or, as I called it, all the bullshit. I could feel it happening. As if […]

Stoned – Layla Frost

“EXPLAIN TO ME AGAIN why we’re here,” I said, adjusting the uncomfortable puritan skirt. There were too many layers, and all of them were itchy. I knew why we were there, though. To serve our purpose. To do what we were created and put on earth to do. Find souls and kick ass. Okay, finding […]

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