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Skyborn – Leia Stone

MY FEET POUNDED the ground as I ran down the secluded street that housed the cabin I had been hiding out in. I thought this plan would have lasted longer, but only two days and the hunters had found me. Dammit! As the rage and fear mixed within me, I could sense my skin tightening, […]

Queen Mecca – Leia Stone

A pair of startling turquoise eyes stared back at me, eyes that should have been familiar considering I had been seeing them in my reflection for twenty years. Except they weren’t. They had changed. I had changed. “You look even more beautiful, Ari. Don’t let this throw you.” Violet sat cross-legged on my right, Blaine […]

Alpha Girl – Leia Stone

SAGE and I burst through the forest as we ran blindly, away from the haunting howl of Sawyer’s voice. I felt him shut down inside of our bond. He went completely numb and it killed me. ‘I’ll be right back,’ I kept saying over and over, mostly to assuage my own guilt. He stopped responding, […]

Serving the Fae – Leia Stone

It had been two weeks since Liam left me. The town was still reeling from the knowledge that Halflings existed. Of course, some of the older fae had known, but I was sure they’d thought it wasn’t an issue anymore. If only they knew the half of it… Now that I had admitted to the […]

Wolf Girl – Leia Stone

MONDAYS. I hated Mondays. They were like your period, they just snuck up on you out of nowhere and ruined your week. I settled into first period with a literal troll breathing down the back of my neck. Starting my sophomore year in college with the same rejects who tormented me in middle and high […]

Seeking the Fae – Leia Stone

I was pulled from a deep sleep by someone shaking my shoulders. My eyes snapped open. Trissa was hovering right over my face, her lips pulled into a frown, eyes wide with terror. “Lily, you must get up,” she hissed and yanked me forward. Bleary-eyed, I looked outside to see the moon was still high […]

Obliteration – Leia Stone

Damien approached Jeremy, who was pacing trails into the carpet of our shitty motel. “It’s okay, buddy. Everything’s okay.” We were all stimmed out, tired as all hell, and nervous to enter the Dream War. The alien bastards had come back. Ships upon ships had landed, and when the doors opened, nothing got out. Just […]

Magic Bite – Leia Stone, Lucia Ashta

“ANOTHER ONE, HUNTER?” the hotel bartender asked, the dim lights making his blue demon horns cast macabre shadows across his face. I nodded. Fuck this day. I needed all the alcohol to erase it from my mind. He slid the amber glass across the bar and it landed in my outstretched fingertips. Tilting my head […]

Fallen Academy; Year Four – Leia Stone

Lincoln’s back leaned against the campus building, while he looked at me wide-eyed. “You’re going to take training lessons from a fifteen-year-old?” He raised a skeptical eyebrow. We’d been married two weeks now, and already he wasn’t happy with my training. He wanted Archangel Michael and himself to teach me to defeat the Devil, but […]

Fallen Academy, Year Two – Leia Stone

Hustle, Atwater!” Lincoln screamed in my ear as I ran along a track behind the school. I shot him a death glare and took off, making it to the front of the line where Tiffany was running like a freaking gazelle, not a drop of sweat to be seen. I side-glanced at my fellow blonde […]

Fallen Academy, Year Three – Leia Stone

I moaned, rolling over in bed and trying to let my eyes adjust. Every morning for the past month it was the same thing: I woke up in Hell, in my little stone room, all drugged up and discombobulated, seeing double and feeling ill. “Morning. Time for your meds,” Raksha told me. I glared at […]

Fallen Academy, Year One – Leia Stone

my mother pushed open the door to my bedroom, allowing the light to leak inside. It took a second for my eyes to adjust to the sudden brightness, and when they did, her troubled face came into view. I’d been sitting in my dark room all day, avoiding the inevitable. “It’s time,” she announced with […]

Earthbound – Leia Stone

We got to Isaacs’s land when it was still pitch black out, but that didn’t stop Keegan from exiting the bus with Cooper’s lifeless form in his arms. Logan dug the hole in front of the biggest, most beautiful redwood tree I’d ever seen, and lowered Cooper into it. Then we all stood there silently. […]

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