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Dead in the Dining Room – Leighann Dobbs

Araminta Moorecliff couldn’t have imagined that someone at the family table would be having their last meal when she came out of her room dressed in her finest bright-orange-and-red flowered polyester pantsuit for dinner. “Auntie! It’s time for dinner. Do you require assistance?” Araminta pshawed at the slight hint of good-natured sarcasm in her nephew’s […]

Murder at the Ice Ball – Leighann Dobbs

“YOU COULD HAVE worn something a touch more appealing,” whispered Prudence Burwick, Lady Katherine Irvine’s dear friend and confidante. Katherine most certainly could not have worn something more appealing. After her stay in the holiday town of Bath a couple months ago, the Marquess of Bath’s elderly grandmother had for some unfathomable reason fixated upon […]

Hidden Secrets – Leighann Dobbs

Morgan Blackmoore had a secret, and she was terrified that her sisters might discover what it was. For the first time in her life, Morgan felt isolated, her dark thoughts eating away at her and driving her to retreat from the people who were closest to her. As she looked out the window of the […]

Cadaver on Candy Cane Lane – Leighann Dobbs

E mber Quinn loved the ambiance of her great-aunt Phoebe’s chocolate shop. Reminiscent of an old-fashioned candy store, it boasted honey-colored oak display cases, old wide pine floors, and antique tables covered in hand-tatted doilies, where Phoebe displayed her candies in three-tiered silver trays. Garlands were strung on the mantel and above the doors, and […]

A Twist in the Tail – Leighann Dobbs

I should have known by the unsettling tone of the cat’s meows that disaster was looming. Of course, at the time I was more worried about how the guests liked breakfast. It was only the fourth one I’d served since officially becoming owner of the Oyster Cove Guesthouse. They seemed to be enjoying it. Now, […]

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