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Love is a Rogue – Lenora Bell

Lady Beatrice Bentley was meant to be researching word origins for her etymological dictionary, not making a study of wild rogues. One wild, untamed rogue in particular: Stamford Wright. Carpenter. Distraction. Bane upon half-finished dictionaries. How could she concentrate on scholarship with such an overbearingly virile specimen of manhood disturbing her tranquil literary idyll? All […]

What a Difference a Duke Makes – Lenora Bell

“You’re late,” said Mrs. Trilby, staring down her long nose at Mari. “Only f-fifteen minutes,” gasped Mari, wiping raindrops from her cheeks, her heart still pounding from running the entire distance from the coaching inn. “Punctuality, Miss Perkins, is the cornerstone of my agency.” “I’m dreadfully sorry, truly I am. There was a lame girl […]

One Fine Duke – Lenora Bell

“Stop the carriage!” roared Andrew, Duke of Thorndon, pounding on the ceiling with his fist. The carriage slowed and swerved to the side of the avenue. He unlatched the window and stuck out his head. Unfortunately, his eyes hadn’t been playing tricks on him. His younger brother Rafe was sprinting down the Strand holding up […]

If I Only Had a Duke – Lenora Bell

London, Spring 1819 Thea had made an error of epic proportions. A tall, broad-shouldered, duke-sized error. From the safe distance of her quill and foolscap her courage had been indomitable. She’d planned to approach the Duke of Osborne at the first ball of the season, scatter his entourage of fluttering females with a quelling stare, […]

How the Duke Was Won – Lenora Bell

She will do. James aimed at her gold-kissed curls and serene smile and launched his dagger. Right on target. Dead center between her placid blue eyes. “An excellent choice, Your Grace.” Cumberford pushed his spectacles up his narrow nose and consulted a ledger. “Lady Dorothea Beaumont, eldest daughter of the Earl of Desmond.” Lady Dorothea. […]

For the Duke’s Eyes Only – Lenora Bell

Hertfordshire, 1814 Round. Rough. Not-dirt. Not-rock. India’s fingers recognized the hard curve of metal before her brain caught on. “Coin!” she shouted to Daniel. “I think I found a coin!” She pulled a handful of dirt out of the shallow hole she’d dug. Daniel loped over on his long legs, a wide grin on his […]

Blame It on the Duke – Lenora Bell

Kama is the enjoyment of appropriate objects by the five senses of hearing, feeling, seeing, tasting, and smelling, assisted by the mind together with the soul. The Kama Sutra of Vātsyāyana London, 1820 Ballroom of the Duke of Barrington’s House Venus rose from the undulating green waves, naked save for her long red-gold hair and […]

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