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Sharks Football Boxset – Leslie North

Is there anything louder than a rowdy, home-game crowd after a touchdown? Even though he’d only been the Savannah Sharks’ rookie running back for a few months, Mark Coleridge’s knew the deafening sound well. He was often the cause of it. His focus was already causing a stir in the league and it’s exactly what […]

Protecting the Single Mother – Leslie North

You would think, based on the fact that I’ve played varsity basketball for three years now, that I know how to score a basket. You would be wrong. “Zajac!” Coach screams, waving wildly at me. She’s only using my last name because she can’t remember my first name. “No more shots! Give the ball to […]

Protecting His Fake Wife – Leslie North

Charlotte kept her smile in place as Holly rapped on the front door of McKinley’s, the slightly dingy bar where Holly’s ex currently worked. It was her you’re my friend and I’m here for you smile, the I’m going to support you no matter what smile. She’d been wearing that smile enough in the past […]

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