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Midnight Fae Academy #4 – Lexi C. Foss

DO you know what it’s like to leave a dream and tumble face first into a nightmare? Because I do. One moment everything is warm and happy, and the next, it’s stark, frigid, and daunting. Just like Constantine Nacht’s golden irises. They remind me of icy, hard metal. Whirling with power. Sucking me deeper into […]

Angel Bonds – Lexi C. Foss

“WELL, THAT WAS CERTAİNLY EVENTFUL.” Stas Davenport arched a brow at the handsome man beside her. The sarcasm in his tone wasn’t lost on her. “Be nice.” “Is that a command, love?” He cocked his head to the side, an alluring smile playing over his lips. Stas loved this side of Issac Wakefield. The playful […]

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