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The Goblin Cinderella – Lidiya Foxglove

The court of the Goblin King was a busy place these days. For many years, King Nyar had been cursed, his court transformed into household objects who could not speak to him, his gates sealed to anyone except the maidens he was bound to claim in exchange for a gold coin. The goblins of the […]

Prisoner of Silk – Lidiya Foxglove

IT İS no secret that human parents prefer sons to daughters, especially kings and queens. Sons become leaders of the realm. Daughters marry foreigners and leave, taking their charms and their dowry with them, never to be seen again. I was an exception, because my mother had ten healthy sons before me. The kingdom was […]

Prisoner of Mirrors – Lidiya Foxglove

I HAVE A SURPRİSE FOR YOU TODAY.” My husband, Prince Augustus, wrapped his hands around my slender shoulders and whispered in my ear. “Oh dear. Your surprises frighten me sometimes…” “This one will be a pure pleasure,” he said. “We’re going to the capital.” I gasped with delight. I was finally getting to step outside […]

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