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Playing Dirty – Liliana Hart

BRETT JORGENSON DİDN’T START his day by thinking about death. He woke before dawn, as he did every morning, leaving his wife snoring softly in their bed. He’d never tell her, but the further along she got in her pregnancy, the more her snoring kept him awake. Earplugs had become his lifesaver. The house creaked […]

Bouncing Betty – Liliana Hart

Genetics were a heck of a thing to Scarlet Holmes’s way of thinking. The little girl hopped out of the black sedan, wobbling slightly with the weight of her backpack on her shoulders. More than ninety years spanned between their ages, but it was like looking in a mirror. At least, the mirror of her […]

A Salt and Battery – Liliana Hart

“I promise, you’re going to love this place,” Agatha said, winking at Hank. She wound her arm through his, and they followed the neatly dressed event planner through a sunkissed corridor toward the grand banquet hall. Tabitha Taylor was as bright and bubbly as her name suggested. She was young, blond, and had a cute […]

The Darkest Corner – Liliana Hart

The summer sun beat down with a vengeance on the day thousands would die. Sweat glistened on pinkened skin, but the discomfort was easily forgotten with every crack of the bat. The air was stagnant—thick with humidity—and the scents of popcorn and beer mixed nauseatingly with the steam from the hot dog carts. Unforgiving metal […]

Say No More – Liliana Hart

“Olivia Caroline Rothschild, you come here this instant!” Liv stuck out her bottom lip and took one more twirl in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror. Her new pink coat was buttoned up to her chin, and the dark pink velvet trim shimmered beneath the store lighting. She liked the way the fabric swirled around her […]

Kill Shot – Liliana Hart

William Sloane was a killer. And he liked it. He stepped off his private jet into the hot African desert, adjusted his wide-brimmed hat, and curled his lip in disgust at the sight before him. Dust swirled in devilish whirls, and the fine grains lodged themselves in places not meant for sand. His eyes watered, […]

Gone to Dust – Liliana Hart

She’d captured his heart. This woman of noble birth—a queen—who’d traveled across vast lands to bring him gifts, to seek his wisdom and knowledge. But it was she who was wise, and her intelligence and cunning personality enticed him. Never had he met a match such as she. Her presence was greater than any gift […]

Dirty Devil – Liliana Hart

JOHN DONNELLY LİKED A GOOD DRİNK. And if the drink was whiskey, even better. The Judge’s Chamber was barely half full on a Wednesday night, but it was the only place in King George County to get a decent drink without being hassled. And boy, did he deserve a drink after the day he’d had. […]

Dirty Money – Liliana Hart

Nina Walsh’s head was killing her. Her body jerked as the air conditioner kicked on, and the white Priscillas swayed in the kitchen window. The gray light of dawn was just peaking over the windowsill and bathing the kitchen in a soft glow. She hadn’t realized she’d been sitting in the dark. The white tile […]

A Dirty Job – Liliana Hart

“Where did the screams come from, ma’am?” Deputy Tessa Black stood under the porch overhang. The night wind whipped dead leaves around her boots. “Over there.” In the open doorway, Mrs. Driver lifted one hand from her walker and pointed behind Tessa. Tessa glanced over her shoulder. On the other side of a quarter-acre field, […]

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