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Dirty Money – Liliana Hart

Nina Walsh’s head was killing her. Her body jerked as the air conditioner kicked on, and the white Priscillas swayed in the kitchen window. The gray light of dawn was just peaking over the windowsill and bathing the kitchen in a soft glow. She hadn’t realized she’d been sitting in the dark. The white tile […]

Blazing Rattles – Liliana Hart, Scott Silverii

Tuesday, February 14th Today was the day Hank Davidson’s life would change forever. He’d thought about it, worried about it, talked about it, considered it, and reconsidered it. Finally, he’d made the decision to propose to Agatha Harley. And he was almost sure he could do it without making a fool of himself. It had […]

A Dirty Job – Liliana Hart

“Where did the screams come from, ma’am?” Deputy Tessa Black stood under the porch overhang. The night wind whipped dead leaves around her boots. “Over there.” In the open doorway, Mrs. Driver lifted one hand from her walker and pointed behind Tessa. Tessa glanced over her shoulder. On the other side of a quarter-acre field, […]

Whiskey and Gunpowder – Liliana Hart

In less than twenty-four hours, I’d be a married woman. I was no Meghan Markle, but this wedding was kind of a big deal. The Whiskey Bayou Gazette had dubbed it the “Wedding of the Decade.” If you read past the headline, it was apparent that it was more for titillation than because it was […]

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